Ted Talk and Letters to a Young Artist

Ted Talk:

While watching this video there were so many statements that were being made that I identified to as a young and new to art student. The quote that related with me the most is “The magic question is “what for” but art is not for anything, art is the ultimate goal.” From not having much of a artistic background I myself have always needed a reason to do art and having friends that don’t do many artistic activities when they see me do art they always ask “what are you doing this for?” In the past Ive seen art as why or what are these artists doing their art for? but now that Ive taken multiple art classes my out look has changed to when I’m creating I do not think what for or why am I creating at this moment and when I view art I don’t ask “what for” I tend to just let the piece tell its story. I also believe that you need to be doing art for yourself, because like Young-ha Kim said “art is the ultimate goal” so every day when Im creating I do not let the “what for” statement get in my way.

Letters to a Young Artist:

There are three quotes I have found very thought inspiring and they are:

  1. Pg-20 “Presence will probably, in the near future, be based on absolute authenticity. Whoever can achieve that in a world of brands, and seductions, and false promises, and addictions to false loves, will be truly charismatic. Im sure you have presence, dare you to open your heart to the good and bad around you.”
  • For this quote it stuck out to me because I agree that the society we live in today is full of false fame and fake people. I do agree that authenticity is what we need for art in this time and all it takes is for people to take a step back and start creating art again just to create it and have fun not for views, likes or a monetary income.

2. Pg-28 “You cant base your self-esteem on how well your work is selling or on how              its received.”

  • I can relate to this quote because I have had tendencies in my everyday life including art to always think about how others will view or receive my presence and work. My self-esteem was effected about how others view my work in the past but now that I see that art is subjective I have been able to move past that and create my work for my own enjoyment as well as hope to reach a audience that will appreciate my work for what it is.

3. Pg-34 “Part of earning that title “artist” is the quality of your interaction with others:          how much you manage, as i said about presence, to activate the desires and fears of          others through- here is a new idea- the use of metaphors and fictions. This does not            require fame and fortune. You can do this in your family, at your school, at your                  church, in your community.”

  • I agree in full what this quote is saying, I believe art is meant to be shared with others and how well you interact with those people will be how your art is seen and remembered. Young-ha Kim’s quote and this quote I feel synergies very well because art is the ultimate goal but being a artist is how well you can make your art resonate with others through interaction.



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