Reading Letters to a Young Artist written by Anna Deavere Smith is a very eye opening experience for a new or young artist, so when we had to choose just one word that started the chapter I found it difficult to choose just one.  Throughout the week I pondered on what chapter stood out to me the most and came to the conclusion to choose the first chapter with its title Presence. Presence to me has always been a focal point in my everyday life and I struggle sometimes with presence to this day. From what I remember from my childhood I was very shy so I had close friends but I did not talk to many other people. As I grew up I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be outgoing which in turn led me to make new friends and that gave me confidence to try to have a presence, not necessarily to stand out but to have a presence with others I interact with. Mrs. Smith says “Presence can be magical. It can delight the people around you. Think of when you were a kid, and you had a favorite friend, relative- something enchanted you- presence is enchanting.” Pg.17. I strive to have relationships like Mrs. Smith, to have others be happy and positive and I’d hope to see others be drawn towards my presence. I chose this Photo because I feel playing sports and having team mates allowed me to have the presence I have today. I went golfing with a couple friends and as we were playing I realized that the pin is a great symbol of presence, to finish the hole you need to hit the ball to the pin. Its a goal to get as close to the pin as possible but the pin does not necessarily stand out, its very thin and not to tall but it does have a blue flag on the top. I feel that the blue flag represents the presence I want others to see and move towards just like the goal of golf to hit the ball to the pin. The gray scale was the choice I made to really emphasize the blue flag and the low view of the green gave it a effect of the pin being a focal point. 20171021-Vogt_21Oct17_-0017


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