Photo Booth Project

The photo booth project was a very exciting and new experience for myself as a young photographer. My project partner Rehydn and I chose to set up our photo booth at the North Coast church in Vista at 6pm to 9pm, there we were able to get the attention of the people attending the service that was exclusive to 18-25 year olds. When we were setting up inside Rehydn and I got the unfortunate news that we would have to shoot outside so the only option was to improvise, we set up a table where our photo booth sign and signup sheet where the participants wrote down their name and email to allow us to send them the photos we had taken of them after editing, but the photo booth was quite successful so we ended up with the idea of emailing them our word press blogs so the participants could get their photos from our sites. We were able to get a LED light on top of my camera for our key light and some back lighting from the buildings lights that were above the back drop. This led me to use a manual focus, high IS0, low shutter speed, and lowest aperture I could get my lens to go, after taking some photos I was able to dial in my ISO and shutter speed but due to the trial and error process some of my photos came out grainy. The photos I took were on a Tripod while Rehydn was able to move around to give variety to our shots. Before and after the service we were ready to take photos and to my surprised most of our participants did not need to be asked to walk up to the camera, many people were interested in our photo booth in asking if it costs money or why we were doing the project and as soon as we said it was free or it was for school everyone was very enthusiastic about getting their photo taken and were very willing to smile while also grabbing friends to take photos with. I ended up taking over 150 photos that allowed us little down time so my video that shows our process is very quick (16 seconds) but over views over our photo booth and the process. During the editing process I had to boost exposure in all of my photos and tried to add vibrance as well but other then that I cropped a couple images and tried to make the images as good as possible.I was very nervous at the start of the photo booth but the project ended up being very fun and challenging at the same time. I would recommend the photo booth project to any new photographer because it is a valuable experience that gives you confidence while also helps build community relations.

Here is the link to my video that shows our photo booth as well as people who were outside at the event.


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