1. Street photography is the capture of a public place or an individual in their everyday lives in society that is unplanned and unannounced.
  2. Aperture- (F-stop) is the diameter of the opening in the lens, the lower F-stop the opening (wider) the more light is let through. Shutter speed- is how long the time the shutter is open before capturing a image, it is mostly measured in fractions of a second to seconds.
  3. PSD file- is adjusted in layers in photoshop. RAW file- A raw file is what is captured straight off the sensor there are no adjustments made to the image it is in its raw format.
  4. Metadata
  5. Crop tool allows you to crop your image, Spot removal clones from another part of image or heals by using color in photo image spots , red eye takes away red eye created by flash, Graduate filter adjustment on specific part of photo (graph), radial filter same concept but radial, adjustment brush allows you to adjust photo in certain spot by painting in image.
  6. Plots every pixel in you’re photo on a graph.
  7. By changing contrast, in presets and in grayscale
  8. ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture(F-stop)

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