Richard Avedon Darkness and Light

In class and for homework we watched the film Darkness and Light which was a documentary about Richard Avedon. Mr. Avedon was a new face to the art world who quickly made a name for himself by using fashion in a expressive way in his photos. He did this by expressing himself in his photography with movement and narrative, movement was uncontrolled he was always moving even jumping as well as his subjects were moving or also standing still, and narrative he gave his photos meanings with the composition of the piece. We learn that he brings a energy to photography that wasn’t seen before from photographing Marilyn Monroe dancing to Nastassja Kinski laying naked with a snake wrapped around her. In the video we see Mr. Avedon focus on the human face and explains that he pours his own face and soul in his work. Throughout the film we see how many people were impacted by Mr. Avedon while learning how he was able to capture moments that had had certain feelings associated with them such as energy, happiness, sorrow, rage, removed or distant, thoughtless and appealing. Mr. Avedon has become one of the richest and most controversial photographers ever who has single handily changed the way fashion photography and photography in general could be seen and he shows there is no limit to ones creativity. What I took away from this film is that don’t let normalities restrict you if you see something as art pursue it for yourself and express yourself in your art work.


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