On November 24th, I visited the Museum of Photographic Arts for the first time, after viewing both of the exhibitions and learning about the arts story I was left in awe. The first exhibition I witnessed was the Youth: Defining Boundaries which was an exhibition sole for the grades K-12 in the photographic and video arts. The theme for the exhibition was physical boundaries, societal boundaries and emotional boundaries which ranged from positive and welcoming pieces to negative and dark pieces. The overall experience in this exhibition was amazing due to the fact that the people creating this work were K-12th graders. Certain art pieces spoke to me but the one that stood out the most was a piece by Caylin Barley age 11, from Holmes elementary school with a mix of emotional boundaries in her photo which was called Light and Dark which included an open field in the light and a deer that was closest to the outskirts of the field completely enveloped in a dark shadow I feel it really captured how some people may think about themselves in the dark and trapped but in reality if they just took a few steps forward you could be in the light with so much to look forward to.

The second exhibition was the Point/Counterpoint: Contemporary Mexican Photography, this exhibition emphasized the cultural transformations that are underway in their country and how the culture is perceived from the outside to the actuality of contemporary Mexican life. For me it felt as if I was in a very different environment going through the art which made me feel like I had a better understanding of the culture after I had gone through the exhibition. The one piece of art that stood out the most to me was the environmental photos taken by Pablo Lopez Luz which was a collection of six photos of the Mexico and its landscape and its border to the United States that were all taken with a bird’s eye view. This gave a peaceful view of the border and the environment around it, but with all of the coverage about the border such as drugs, bigger walls, and violence/death it seemed to cut into the region like a knife which was very symbolic to me. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the MOPA and will continue to go when new photographic series are released.


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