Photo Book Project: Car Enthusiasts

The photo book project was the final and most enjoyable project of the semester, I chose to do my project on car enthusiasts and their vehicles. The objective for this project was to have an outlet for all car enthusiasts to share their passion to anyone interested or curious in the car community. The book consists of ten car enthusiasts who are my friends as well, it was very fun taking pictures of these individuals and their cars but what made it special was the two questions I asked each person individually. The shell of the questions are; 1. “What made you become a car enthusiast and why are you still one?”, 2. “What was your most fond memory of being a car enthusiast?” and after reading the responses I felt I knew more about how passionate the person was as well as making the project very personal and heartwarming. I wanted the photos to tell a story about the individual as well as have a strong environmental background. Where I took the photos for the project ranged all over San Diego and ranged from all times of the day including night. I realized during this project that I really enjoy taking photos during sunset and night. Overall, the project turned out to be a very strong piece of art work with the answers that each individual answered and the photos that had a emphases on car as well as the environment.


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