Best 10 Photo’s

The photography I enjoy to go out and shoot is car photography mainly, but I also enjoy landscape and nature photography as well. I enjoy to shoot at all times of the day and night and am now always looking for new places to shoot. I do like editing my photos as well and realized I enjoy very dark contrasty photos, all of these photos were takes around the San Diego area except for the salt mine I visited in San Antonio, Texas.

In each photo on this list I had a idea of how I wanted the photo to look beforehand which made capturing the photo go easier. The salt mines were very interesting to visit and when I captured the photo I felt the picture flowed nice, I feel the same way about the photo with the COORS box on the ground with overgrow around it.

For the Truck at night I felt that how old the truck helped set the tone or mood as well as the yellow lights and dirt parking log with chalk made me feel like I was in the 60’s or 70’s, and for the portrait I really liked the light angle and only half of his face with the red hair really had personality. The golf course photo just symbolized standing out, as well as all of the car photos. To have a photo feel full of content that allows the viewer to continuously scan the image without feeling it is missing something is my goal.


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