First Blog Post: Art Wolfe

What I took away from the video in class were the three elements of design, how to train your eye, the balance in a image and how photography is not just recording a time or place.

When Art Wolfe explained the three elements of design which were line, pattern and texture it gave me an understanding of how all three elements work together to help photographers find and capture a image. Training your eye to find different forms of art which allows the photographer to see a whole another world of creation and creativity. During the segment when Mr. Wolfe explains how he puts a photo together either taking it naturally or adding to the photo himself allows the eye to flow through the image and creates amazing work which I never through of before.

Finally, when Mr. Wolfe explains that photography is not just recording a time or place it is creation made me critically think on how I have been taking photos, I always felt awkward when I added to photos but he explained that it can enhance the photo or give it that extra something to make I a great photo. Overall, I learned a great deal in that short video and will apply the concepts to my photography.


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