What I had to do to grasp all of the photos and landscapes of how water effected that region that Mr. Burtynsky was showing us was to watch and finish the documentary then go back to re view the images that caught my attention the most.watermark6

The images will be out of order as well, The images of the Owens lake the image contained a vast amount of color from gray to orange to blue, this specific image caught my eye because of the content in the photo. The dried lake with water reflecting the cloudy sky to the vast plain leading to the mountains farther down it creates a place that wouldn’t have existed because of water, the photo is abstract and full which is why the content of the photo really immerses me.

The opening scene of he Stikine River watershed on the water was beautiful, how this shot was framed really was able to take your breath away. It was a piece that you could look at and never get bored of seeing the sight in front of you. What made the image of the abalone farms was the patters of the wooden squares tied together through out the photo made it very pleasing to the eye.watermark5The photos of the pivot irrigation and how water effected them really caught my attention in this photo, the harsh lighting really shows the viewer that without the pivot irrigation that the most productive land in Texas would die out.watermark

The dried out Colorado river left some water flowing down into the dry delta which splintered off into multiple directions created the illusion as if you were looking at a tree, what made this photo stand out was its content and framing because you can see that it is a barren wasteland now but has just enough water left to leave a sign.watermark3

The photos of the the Xiluodu dam in china being built were compelling because it tied in the art with his cause for creating the work, The shot of the dam itself was a perfect symbol and how the photo was framed to have the dam be the center of attention was great. Overall, I learned a lot about the land that was shown and more importantly I learned about framing, composition and content in a photo.



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