Chasing Ice

I was very moved by this video and after watching the dedication James Balog endured to photograph the melting Ice caps through the years to tell a story through phots and to share it all around the world really had a emotional impact on me to strive to be as motivated as he was about what I photograph and to have meaning behind my work as a photographer as well.

Chasing ice

This photo is amazing to me because it is beautiful but more importantly it is a physical representation of how we are just simple people in a giant world and universe. This photo also works as great imagery for Mr. Balogs work as well, the Ice is very small and glowing which represents how precious it is and how we need to protect it to the expanding universe in the background which allows the viewer to see how fragile our ecosystem is.

Chasing ice 1.jpeg

This photo also spoke to me as well, seeing Mr. Balog on a cracking piece of ice trying to capture the perfect photo inspires me to do the same with my work. The composition aspect of this photo is also very enjoyable because it allows the viewer to see the world or ice literally decaying in front of us.

Chasing ice 3.jpeg

This photo also stood out to me as well, I learned that when you want to document something you can use a person or another object for the scaling aspect. This photo is also another great example of how the glaciers are being effected by allowing the viewer see just how much water is running off the ice.

Overall I learned a great deal from watching this documentary about capturing ice from the dedication needed to create great bodies of work to the trial and error process of taking photos as well.


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