Double Peak Park

The first field trip we had a chance to go on for our class was Double Peak park in SM, there it was still very light out so I was able to shoot in brighter conditions then what I usually shoot in. What I learned was the balance of F stop and shutter speed can make a photo look as if it was less bright out the it actually was. For the photos that I decided to use the broken up sunlight I learned that to much sun can blow out the image so I had to find the right angles to find the perfect light output. For the photo with Chris I could have used him as a scale for a object, I feel the picture is missing just that. I enjoyed the close up shot of the broken down rusty fence and I learned to focus on the whole close up is very hard so i decided to take the photo farther away to focus the photo then in light room cropped it. I also really enjoy the photo of the old red shirt and the tumble weed, I can see it representing how littering can destroy the earth as well as the vibrant red contrasting with the dull brown of the weed.  I also really enjoyed looking for photos to take, like the photo of the rocks that sort of lead you up the photo. I learned that the sky can also interfere with the overall photo so I cut out most of the skies in my photos this week.


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