Landscape Photography, Discovery Lake

This weeks homework I had photographed at Discovery Lake in San Marcos as well as a winery in Escondido. Last week I mostly focused on a landscape as a whole so this week I decided to focus more on Art Wolf’s style of photography with a couple of James Balog inspired photos. The local plant communities I was able to shoot were oak trees, a purple flower I could not identify, marsh plants as well as reeds. I was able to really focus on patterns and textures close up at this lake so I took advantage of the bright light to get as much detail in each photo. With the Balog inspired shots I wanted to show the landscape with as much detail as possible without including access information which gives the photo its meaning or content. It was interesting taking photos like Art wolf. it felt as if i was searching for the smallest of things at times. Overall I enjoyed my visit to Discovery Lake and I learned a lot about my own photography style as well.


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