Mark Muench: Creative Trinity

Mr. Muench explained the trinity for photographers which were subject, composition and light. He had a lot of examples to give us and what stuck out the most to me was the example of composition, I have never really thought to much about composition I just subconsciously knew that there was composition in what I was shooting. What I took away from this video was that in my own photography my photos lack a subject at times.20180202-Vogt_2Feb18_-0126

A great example is this photo which has composition but no real subject matter, but when he explains that sometimes you can use light first to make something look abstract I feel this could work. Mr. Muench also talked about how he finds composition which is to simply take pictures and sometimes chasing one of the three in the trinity can lead you to another. He also helped by saying “use the foreground and use the designs and lines of a object to be the composition”. I came to realize after this video I will need to start to look for more subject matter while also thinking about composition in my photography.


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