Anna Mia Davidson


Ana Mia Davidson was a photographer following changing countries and documenting them in the process, she then realized that farming in her hometown was what she was looking for for the ten years away from home. Her photos gave off the feeling of hope for farming by incorporating the subjects which were the farm/farmers that looked and made you feel that they were one in the same.

When she discussed how she wanted to blow her images up larger then life really caught my attention. I have always wanted to take photos that have such a great meaning or message and she gave us the perfect example of just that, she found her calling which was to photograph people that surrounded her and farming. I have yet to find my calling but this motivates me to look closer to my ideals and people around me to help me in the process in finding that calling. She gave examples of how farming and nature or to be close with the earth is a natural want/feeling by humans.

Her photos were more then just a picture of a couple farmers working it actually immersed the viewer in telling the story of the farmer. The photos she took also were all very connected in the color palette, everything seemed so vibrant and emotional.


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