Tima Link


In the short video that Tima link is apart of covers how she and her group are helping the environment as well as the Chumach weaving community that are living the lives of their elders today to help preserve a since of self for for the natives. She and her group of gatherer’s looks for plants to weave as well as bringing back the culture and knowledge of the land and plants.

During the video we see how they are bringing back the culture by in depth discussions about plants such as the sage plant discussion, they explain that they only use what is needed because they understand that other life is dependent on the same plants that we all use. During that discussion the man explains that the older sage plant has “more to give and when we break it in half it will grow twice as tall. I believe that this concept has been lost in our everyday society and am happy that there are people fighting to bring back these important ideals.

What stood out to me the most in the video was the interactions they had with the wildlife as well as how much they know about their surrounding plant life. I was amazed that they were out in the shrubbery to find these plants and how they knew of they were dry or to wet which let them know if the tree was able to be cut or not. The scene that caught my attention the most was when she gave her blood to the plant.




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