El Plantio Nursery

This week I had the opportunity to visit the El Plantio Nursery in Escondido, there I really wanted to focus on the creative trinity that Mark Muench enlightened us about in the video last class. Throughout the time I spent there I was critically thinking about the trinity and how to come up with clever ideas which could include light/composition/subject, for each photo I gave the title of what I was looking for in the photo from what I saw first to what I though of last in the trinity. I was also inspired by Anna Mia Davidson, She explained in her video that she wanted to blow up her pictures larger then life to give her photos meaning and thats what I wanted out of this shoot as well. I was able to use light as the source to tell the story as well as using the vibrant colors of the flowers to help evoke emotion.

I also took the values of Tima Link, I chose to take photos at a nursery because of how she interacted to her surroundings and plant life and waned to experience it myself. The viewing of some of our classmates work also gave me creative ideas as well, the shadows is what caught my attention. Overall I realized that I really did enjoy this nursery shoot and will definitely go to different ones in the future, it was so much to take in from the vibrant colors to the different shape and sizes of the plants.


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