San Diego Botanic Garden

This week for class we went on a field trip to the San Diego Botanic Garden, there we were able to see many native plants as well as endangered plant species native to southern California. During the shoot I tried to achieve the contrast of light and shadows while incorporating color as well as the use of black and white to specify what the subject is in the photo. I also learned how to use outside shadow sources to help cast a deeper shadow on the subject.

The lens I used was a 50mm with auto focus, but I decided to use manual focus to get interesting focus and angles on the plant life. I realized during the shoot manual focus is a bit more tricky then I had first expected so It allowed me to take multiple pictures with the same subject to get the photo right.

The 5 photos I chose to to use black and white with partial color really made the subject pop. Each photo had different reasons to be in black and white and I gave the reason on the photo, the overall consensus for the photos overall was that I wanted to add a subject and composition which was inspired by Mark Muench. I think the photos that are in black and white are more interesting because it gives a different perspective and highlights the subject more then in regular color.


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