Green Thumb Nursery

This photo shoot proved to be quite difficult due to the face that it was overcast and raining during the time I could shoot this weekend with the subject of light it was especially hard to capture it during this time.

I chose to go to the Green Thumb Nursery in this instance  I was very inspired by Ansel Adams documentary and work, I chose to use the black and white color scheme because of it. The multilayered light patterns in his work were what pushed me to try to have as many different shades of light in one photo. I took what he said to heart during the shoot though and did not focus on what I saw but looked deeper to find my subject and content. I wanted to focus on light and shadows because of the clouds which gave some pictures intense blacks and light grays while having different layers of light just like Mr. Adam’s photos. Overall I had a great time during this photoshoot I just wish it was sunny so I could have got to a different location and taken landscape shots with the inspiration of Mr. Adams, but I have come to realize that I throughly enjoy plant photography as well as light as a subject.


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