Ansel Adams 3 influences


Watching the documentary on Ansel Adams has deeply inspired me, the first of the three influences on my photography I will remember a year from now is to go out and shoot for light in photography, but more importantly have the passion he brought to his work to my own. To me while watching this documentary the light and shades in Mr. Adams work was a representation of his passion in his work through development of one print you could see how much time he put into his work. The use of light was extra ordinary in his work, I want to implement this into my work as well. To take time to get the perfect shot will take practice because now a days with digital cameras you can take a huge amount of photos without much thought. I want my photography to pop, inspire, and have a physical representation of the work and passion I put into it.

There were a series of quotes from this documentary that had a impact on myself and this will be the second of the influences that I will remember and implement in my photography from now on. First, when Mr. Adams explains that photography is not trying to re create a landscape, it is to look past the obvious to create. Another very moving realization came when he explained that both the grand and intimate aspects of nature can be expressed through photography and both can stir new discoveries. I was very moved by this statement because he brings passion or how to take photographs to a deeper meaning. How these quotes will effect my photography practice will be in how I take photos, I will from now on look past the “obvious” like Mr. Adams explained and try to have a deeper meaning in my photography. I will also look at the finer detail in my landscape photography to discover new ways to photography and also different subjects to photograph, I feel sometimes as a learning photographer I tend to look for the “big” shot with a lot of content and light but I now know that sometimes the little things lead to discovery.

The photos he captured in his work were breath taking in the since of scale and how alive the image felt, it was almost as if you could feel the temperature, feel the light and be immersed by the image. This leads to my last practice I will be implementing into my photography, I want to be able to create images that feel alive as well. My favorite photo of his is the “Moon Rise Over Hernandez” and he took it in just one shot, the overall composition is amazing but really stands out is the sky in which is so expansive it gives the viewer the feel of being small but where you should be. I want to use this style of photography in my every day practice, to be able to put everything together like Mr. Adams did will be very tough but I’m confident I can learn. Throughout the film I was continuously inspired and learned a great deal about Mr. Adams and his photography which has inspired my photography to come.


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