Chased by Light 3 Influences

3E8A6163-07BB-4FD6-8E59-5D10F3837AEAChased by light is a very inspiring documentary, Mr. Brandenburg took a creative step for his own photography but ended up creating something that would be so magnificent it would lead others to the medium. Three things I will remember about the film and how they will influence me are the concept of taking one photo a day, this stood out to me because I feel I take a plethora of photos every time I shoot, but not all have the subject or meaning I’m looking for in that day. The second ideal I will implement into my photography is the process he took creating images. Lastly, the knowledge that Mr. Brandenburg had about where he was shooting amazed me, he had to do research and the real life field work to understand the animals and surrounding nature. I feel after watching his dedication to the project really drives me to do research about where I shoot.

Throughout the film Mr. Brandenburg shows the struggles of a photographer as well, this part of the documentary had a major impact on be because I too have times where I think that I should just stop shooting at that moment because I cannot find anything worthy of shooting. I learned that patience is key and to never give up on the shoot, that will make the shoot worth while even if you don’t get your desired photo. Overall I enjoyed this documentary very much and will take aspects of Mr. Brandenburg’s work into my own.


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