San Elijo Lagoon

The San Elijo Lagoon was our destination for this weeks field trip, there we got to experience the plants we wrote about in our last post. The research helped me with my photography due to the fact that I was able to recognize every plant I had researched, this gave me some creative thought in how I shot the plant and what characteristics I wanted to include in the photo. The research also motivated me to learn more about the plants I took photos of because I felt I had a connection between the photo and the plant. Some examples of this is when I was looking for mule fat and blue eyed grass, I knew that they would be a hard find in the lagoon but after some searching I found the mule fat in some shrubbery, it was out of bloom. I also was able to use my knowledge about the plants I researched to help others looking for the same plants I had, I was able to describe what to look for, on a side note I was able to recognize the Torrey Pine from a ways out.


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